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We are

First Self storage company

in the Republic of Moldova.


  • WIDE RANGE OF SIZES - We offer self storage spaces for rent varying in size.

  • 150+ satisfied customers.

  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance system where security personnel also protects your asset 24/7.

  • PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING - You can buy storage boxes, wrappers, tapes in our shop.

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Call us!

0680 373 50

Visit us! 

Ciocana str. M.Sadoveanu 42/1

mun. Chisinau.

Monday - Friday 10: 00-18: 00

Saturday - 10:00 - 14:00

Sunday - day off.


Available storage units.

We have a variety of sizes of storage units. Below you will find some helpful information about each room size; including size comparison with something you'll be more familiar with, and informing you roughly what items and how many you can fit in it:

banner size XS_4.jpg
XSmall - 1 m3.
Ideal for storing the
4 tyres
You can fit: 1 set - 4 tyres,
or few suitcases,
or few small storage boxes.
Sold Out!
Medium - 3 sqm.
Ideal for storing the contents
of a one bedroom flat
You can fit: furniture like a
queen-size bed, dining table
and chairs and boxes
Sold Out!
banner XL size.jpg
XL - 10 sqm.
Ideal for storing the contents
of a two-bedroom house
You can fit: a mattress, bookcases,
tables, dressers, a sofa
and large appliances
Sold Out!
Small - 2 sqm.
Ideal for storing the contents
of a studio flat
You can fit: a single mattress,
an armchair or dresser, sports
equipment or storage boxes
banner L size.jpg
Large - 4 sqm.
Ideal for storing the contents
of a large one bedroom flat
You can fit: a double bed,
chairs, a dresser, a TV
and large appliances
Sold Out!
XXL - 30 sqm.
Ideal for a big office move
or small business.
You can fit: a unused inventory,
office chairs, computers and
printing equipment

Security system - 24/24 hours.

Fire alarm system.

Online video monitoring

24/24 hours CCTV.

Discounts For contracts

signed from 6 months and more.

Forbidden objects!

It is forbidden to use the rented storage units for the purpose of storing in the Unit any of the Prohibited Objects, described below:


  • Money (coins / banknotes) or securities,

  • Metals and precious stones,

  • Food of any kind (including pet food),

  • Objects that are of particular importance or emotional value to you,

  • Explosive substances, ammunition or weapons, or components thereof,

  • Compressed gases or containers for compressed gases,

  • Flammable - fuel, petroleum products,

  • Toxic and flammable substances (such as paints, cleaning oils or solvents),

  • Radioactive, corrosive substances that may affect the skin or other materials,

  • Living or dead objects of flora and fauna, plants, animals (including birds),

  • Furs, art or collectibles, irreplaceable objects,

  • Asbestos or asbestos-containing materials,

  • Garbage, residues of any kind, perishable materials, including waste after repairs,

  • Any illegal substance (eg drugs), illegally obtained or illegally held goods,

  • Any object that can emit vapors, gases, smoke,
    smells or noises,


Other objects, elements (substances) which are sources of harmful effects on humans, the environment, other equipment and
elements whose properties exclude the possibility of their storage in Sestor warehouses.

Good to know!

what is forbidden to store

in rented storage units.

Termeni si conditii

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Отличная компания, выручили нас просто супер!!!
Чисто, надёжно, удобно!!!!
Советую, а также будем иметь вас ввиду!!!

Contact Us

or. Chișinău, Ciocana

str. M.Sadoveanu 42/1

0680 373 50

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