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tire storage
it has become simpler and more comfortable.

Proper storage - will extend the life of the tires


to store our tires.

6 reasons

1. Do not transport tires in your car to the installation site.

2. Cleaning the balcony

or garage.

3. No need to lift

and carry weights.

4. Proper storage - will extend the life of tires.

5. You save a lot of personal time.

6. Release square meters

from the balcony or garage.

Leave a request for storage and ask for a price offer

Pretul depozitari

The Sestor

we store the tires strictly following the manufacturers' recommendations

1. We respect the temperature regime in warehouses.

2. Store in the correct positioning (tires without discs - vertically on the shelves)

3. Video monitoring and

24/24 security

4. We strictly kept the warehouse clean.

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